Ana Palma
'Human · Nature'

5th June to 15th July 2017

Ana was born in 1986. Brought up in the Portuguese countryside, she was a strong-willed child who loved to learn, explore and create. She has a BA in Fine Arts and an MA in Teaching, both in the University of Porto. Creating and sharing her knowledge have always been crucial parts of her personal and professional fulfilment.

Ana has been living in London since 2015, where she is developing her career as a freelance artist and an art teacher.

The artist says "My art introduces the viewer to the passions of tactile experiences, which I feel when I am producing those artworks". "HUMAN · NATURE intends to explore a vision of the relationship between human beings and Nature through a woman’s eyes. The woman is a living being of instincts, intuitions, and love. Her body finds balance in natural cycles of instability and her soul is fed by sweetness and creativity. Women are represented here as a ‘complex balance of contrasts’. On one hand, their delicacy as a sensitive human being who can understand words as good as gestures, on the other hand their strength and resilience to learn and thrive, despite the obstacles.

In HUMAN · NATURE women, insects, and other natural elements are brought together, because of Ana’s passion for the natural world. In this set of artworks, it’s possible to observe a diversity of approaches to these themes, through materials and techniques. Each experience results from a state of mind which Ana tries to follow, instead of avoiding. Part of her inspiration arises from the natural world, therefore, in the creative process, reason is replaced by intuition. Ana believes that nature teaches us about the value of learning through our experiences, understanding our own cycles and consequently, connecting with ourselves, the world and other human beings.