Angela Mcgahan
Palazzo Dario

20th April - 13th June 2015

Angela's pieces are based on the architectural detail of Palazzo Dario, one of the Renaissance Palaces on the Grand Canal in Venice. She first saw it when studying art history there and the memory of its seeming fragility and ethereal beauty has remained with her. These pieces combine Angela's love of medieval and renaissance architecture, colour and fabrics.

Each piece starts with a simple design on layers of opulent fabrics. The work then grows organically as she cuts through the surface layers at different points and to different depths to expose the fabrics beneath. She likes the idea of things being slightly hidden, where one gets a glimpse of something beautiful, but is frustrated from seeing the whole thing by layers over the surface.

Angela has a degree in History of Art and training in textile art at the University of Ulster.

Work in Collections:

Royal Bank of Scotland, Head Office, Edinburgh

Paintings in Hospitals London

National Centre for Epilepsy, Chorleywood

St George's Hospital, Tooting

Paintings in Hospitals Ireland

Ulster Hospital Dundonald

Paintings in Hospitals Midlands

St Crispin's Mental Hospital Northampton

Private collections in France, USA, UK


2006 Fragments of Venice, Canvas Gallery, Belfast

2006 Flavours of Italy (Group Show) Towcester Northamptonshire

2005 Iona House Gallery (Group Show) Woodstock Oxfordshire

2003 Sheridan Russell Gallery (Solo Show) Crawford Street London

2003 Out of Freswick (Group Show) Helmsdale Scotland

2001 St Paul's Hammersmith, London

2002 St Paul's Hammersmith London

2002 St Columbkille's Belfast