Anna Salmane

7th November to 11th December

The exhibition "Wanderer" is Latvian born artist Anna Salmane's (1980) second solo show showcasing photography, video and installation created over the past year.

The title of the exhibition sprang from the artist's recent experience of moving to live in a foreign country. A little over a year ago Salmane left her home city Riga to come and live in London. What in geographical terms meant following a relatively straight line linking the two cities, emotionally and mentally turned out to be a far less predictable journey. However, the exhibition is not about a particular person, but rather about basic human experiences that can be triggered by various circumstances.

The works are playful, subtle and at times ironic comments on freedom, solitude and passing.

The artist has been participating in exhibitions since 2001. Currently Salmane is studying fine art at Goldsmiths College, University of London.