Anna Walsh
The Night Watch
6 November to 18 December 2008

Humans have long been fascinated by owls, they display so many anthropomorphic characteristics, we cannot help but see them as endearing charicatures of ourselves.

They are jekyl and hyde characters, being described by people who took part in a wildlife survey as: cruel; strong; not cuddly; unapproachable. But also: clever, sad; fascinating and beautiful. They are worthy of our respect for their cleverness and beauty, but at the same time are fearful and sinister.

Their voices have a mournful human quality, encouraging humans to place their nocturnal fears and fantasies on the shoulders of the owl. The call of the Tawny owl is often used by radio/t.v./film producers to add a hint of mischeif and strange goings on…

These are unique pieces using mix media and taxidermy materials to create engaging and transfixing paintings, capturing the enigmatic air of mystery which surrounds these nocturnal birds.

Anna studied BA Art & Aesthetics at University Of Wales, Cardiff and MA Book Arts at Camberwell College of Arts, and has work in the Tate collection of Artists Books, Camberwell College Special Collections, as well as many private collectors.

She has had previous successful solo exhibitions at this gallery and Broomfield Gallery in Chelmsford. Selected group exhibitions include: ‘Acrylic Kitten’ at Ada Street Gallery, London; ‘The Three legged Fox’ at Dreamspace Gallery, London; ‘Zoo-a-logical’ at the Knapp gallery, London and ‘Home’ at The Chocolate Factory London.

She is a founder member of the artist/design collective Garudio Studiage where she has added her illustrations to various products sold in select boutiques across London and Tokyo and has helped curate and organise various projects and exhibitions including ‘Acrylic Kitten’ at the Ada Street Gallery; ‘Whose In the Hutch’ at The V & A Village Fete, and ‘Sense’ Charity Shop Window Display for ‘I Love Peckham’ festival 2007.




'Tawny’ (detail). Oil and mixed media on canvas, 24 x 12 inch.

'Great Grey' . Oil and mixed media on canvas, 24 x 12 inch.