Zoë Barker & Jonathan Cherry
The Penny Arcade
8th September to Tuesday 19th October

This project is a collaborative exploration into how we engage with our environments and find a sense of community. Its aim is to look at the bigger picture by focussing in on an area/place where we have once experienced a sensation of ‘home’, and how it feels to return. We are interested in how technological and cultural advances are affecting the rural areas of England, and what it is that unites people in smaller towns and villages when the idea of the ‘local’ is fading.

Individual Biographies

Jonathan Cherry

Born in 1986, Jonathan Cherry is a fine art documentary photographer and keen cyclist. He graduated from University College Falmouth in 2009 with a BA (Honours) in Photography. Since then he continues to make personal work and has also formed relationships with such clients as; The Guardian, howies, The Do Lectures, Climate Camp Cymru and Action for Children. In 2009 he founded MULL IT OVER which is an ongoing series of web-based interviews with innovative contemporary photographers from around the world. Jonathan continues to point his camera at things.

He uses a Hasselblad 503 CWi with Kodak film.

Zoë Barker

Zoë Barker is a 25 year old illustrator living and working in London. She graduated from Kingston University in 2007 with a BA (First Class Honours) in Fine Art, specializing in drawing. Since her University fun times she has continued to put 3H pencil to paper and has worked with clients such as The National Trust, howies, Amelia's Magazine, and Bobbin Bicycles. Zoë was featured in the 2010 Creative Review Illustration Annual for her project ‘Tesco Values.’ She has a keen interest in graphite based goods, bicycles and British wildlife and enjoys hanging out in stationery shops.