Colleen Walker
Anxiety, Status (Untitled)
18 January to 28 February 2008


Colleen Walker explores the everydayness of 'being' in the space of daily life using the materiality of the familiar, discarded and overlooked - the ordinariness of the everyday, the routines and obsessions that give shape and order to our existence the "Infra Ordinary". 

A found shopping list appears inconsequential. As consumers we are surrounded by a world that offers an excess of choices. Where our diet is concerned we are constantly bombarded with confusing and contradictory information regarding what we should and should not be eating - the food we put in our shopping trolley (a predominantly female responsibility) has today become both a political and social minefield.



MA Fine Art
University of Brighton

BA Fine Art
University College Chichester



The List (2005-7) detail

Mobile (2007) details
Mixed media 80x50x50cm
(The Laughing Cow is a registered trademark of Fromageries Bel)