David Chalkley
Moments of Kindness
25 April to 6 June 2007

This exhibition shows a selection of images taken from an ongoing collection of photographs. The collection celebrates the little moments in which strangers think of strangers.
The photographs serve as a record of incidences when something lost, is found.   This object is then displayed on a railing or litterbin or anywhere in full view in the hope, it would seem, that it may be reunited with its original owner should they pass by the same way again.
This work is not about photography as artwork but about photography as a recording medium.  
There are no records of the time and place of each incident as the moment of kindness has passed and any details would be of when the action was acknowledged and not performed.



BA (Hons) Fine Art Sculpture
Bretton Hall College of the University of Leeds

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(photo: D Chalkley)

(photo: D Chalkley)