Deb Hoy

7th September to 17th October 2015

Deb Hoy combines traditional copper leafing techniques with pencil drawing to explore the subtle terrains inside the human body, and all around in the world at large. Chasing the unseen energy infused in each particle of matter, Deb Hoy is seeking to find ways of translating the fleeting subliminal experiences of everyday life. 

Copper is used as a material that conducts electricity, while also giving off a warm fleshy tone. It's one of the key metals in the process of alchemy, symbolic of the internal transformations that can occur through contemplation on and connection with the Divine.

These drawings take the viewer on a journey through unknowable landscapes, hinting at human forms, mountain ranges and meteorites, giving glimmers of a location, but ultimately eluding definition. 

Deb Hoy's work is an ongoing exploration of attempts to articulate her inner experiences through visual art. Her diverse practise includes working with wax, wood, crushed pigments and water. Deb holds an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA from Chelsea School of Art, her work is exhibited in London, New York and Philadelphia as well as other regions across the UK.

Selected works are for sale and enquiries can be made directly to the artist via