Close Encounters of a Frillip Moolog Kind
2nd September – 12th October

Fascinated by the idea that objects might have a life of their own and inspired by previous narrative surrounding the found objects and textiles used in their making, Kirsty E Smith creates sculptures (“beings”) which resonate on a deeply emotive level and that people readily engage with.
The beings can be used as meditative objects, bringing back feelings, sensations and memories. They act as portals for the viewer to return to a childhood space (“place”) in their mind. Frillip Moolog is the name which she has given to this place.

Smith draws on sources as diverse as Mid-Century Modern architecture and interiors to Hollywood show biz costumes. The new beings made to fly within the Artspace are strangely reminiscent of 1950’s sci-fi spacecraft but with the twist of textiles and techniques more common to dance costumes and vintage lampshades.

Frillip Moolog beings intrigue and arouse the imagination; stirring memories and acting as a starting point for fictional narratives. Come and encounter them for yourself.

Kirsty E Smith is funded by the Arts Council England's Grants for the Arts programme.

Contact: 0773 995 9951