Hannah Havana
Fantasy Island: Part 1
9 - 24 Febuary

This exhibition presents the first stages of my explorations into postcards, souvenirs, collections and tourist imagery.

Working directly with this 'ephemera of leisure' I have begun to create a body of work exploring representations of our landscape, how we relate to them through memory and use them as a means of comfort and escape.

The work is both questioning and celebratory. It emphasizes the simple pleasures that can be found in landscape, whilst simultaneously questioning our notions of identity and truth in relation to popular tourism imagery.

The project explores beliefs and representations, and I have used the terms 'Britain' 'British Isles' and 'England' according to how they feel, rejecting the correct political definitions in favour of imagery and association.

Artist's Statement

I have spent my whole working life exploring the possibilities of objects; the way we relate to them emotionally and culturally, their physical form, and the potential for multiple meanings across scale, context and environment.

Language and humour are very important in my work. I explore ideas of value by using meticulous jewellery techniques to give mass produced everyday objects a beautifully hand crafted finish. The 'iconic' imagery in my work draws on personal memory, archetypal objects from popular culture and classic forms of escapism such as children's literature, holiday brochures, musicals and pop music.

It can be said that my work is sometimes hard to place, but for me the struggles between frivolity and integrity, humour and honesty, questioning and labelling are an ongoing source of motivation.