Marco Zaffino
March 5th - April 15th

Marco Zaffino is an Artist and Filmmaker. The disciplines of Cinematography, Philosophy and Fashion Photography (add to this a healthy addiction to Espresso and Process) and you find his present work of paintings, fragments, and photography.

Each production or shoot, for film or photography, each painting made is to have been an experience to remember for all concerned.

The Beat-Ific Series of Prayer and War Photography has been inspired greatly by the gloss and aesthetic glamour of Fashion Imagery combined with the grand subjects of Honour, Religion and Beatific Moments. The subject of 'Fashion' and 'Models', were a symbol of Artifice and the present climate, the subjects of 'War' and 'Prayers' were taken as a symbol of integrity and a more universal old school endeavour. How would they combine? What does/did one endeavour for today and yesterday, truly?

Styling of Mannequin's War (men's war) - Jenny Killeen
Hair: Oliver Thomas & Abi Pike
Make-Up Louise Adshead
Models: Robin Goodswen, Rosie McTigue, Luis Martin, Lauren Thacker, Sarah Lumb
Philippa Arkley, Ruth Williams, William Mitchell, Dylan Riley.