Steve Thorpe
Spirit Stones
5th June to 25th July

Spirit Stones are a series of work made from ground up rocks arranged in geometrical shapes. So why Spirit Stones? What could be more earthy or more grounded than rocks? What could be more objective than geometry? The question that interests me when I am making these very physical works is, ‘what can be imbued in work beyond the physical material?’ Is it possible to embed in the work something not visible, but present and discernable, in concept or spirit?
The stones are collected from extensive walks along coastlines or from mountain summits. The locations of the stones provide the ideas, and are as much a part of the ‘material’ I make the work with as the stone itself.

The geometry in the work is an attempt to order and control a material that is unstable and volatile. It is the evidence of a walk into vast places that we can visit and pass through, but what remains afterwards is a quiet simplicity.