Tiago Mattis
A Retrospective

8th December 2014 to 1st February 2015

"The idea of this project was to highlight some of the buildings and locations that make the local landscape unique. All of the views are from a pedestrian point of view and I would like to invite you to think of it as a walking tour of the local area.

These iconic structures are personal to me, from the monolithic skyscraping tower to the tessellating council flats and the art deco- style public toilets. Most people in the community have their own favourite landmarks that stand out for them, and I invite you to see mine.

Growing up in Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster, these buildings and views have been a backdrop to my life and I wish to celebrate them through this collection of studies, as well as to create an appreciation of the ever-changing area as it is in the moment.

Art is a way for me to move through life and for my fist solo exhibition I wanted to capture the local landscape, reflect some of my history and look back in some way."